Cloud Services
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                        Cloud Services


                        Cloud represents a new paradigm in business and technology; one that provides more scalability and greater flexibility for both IT requirements and application services. Cloud technology provides a cost-effective way to meet rapidly evolving market requirements.

                        Whether enabling mobility, collaboration, or innovation in Machine Learning, Big Data, and IoT, Cloud empowers businesses to optimize and streamline their operations and processes for a competitive advantage.



                        • Industry-specific Solutions
                        • Cloud Transformation
                        • Cloud Platforms
                        • Cloud Engineering
                        • Infrastructure
                        • Cloud Security


                        • Business Continuity
                        • Accessibility and Reliability
                        • Critical File Security
                        • Reduced Costs
                        • Optimized Efficiency
                        • Enhanced Collaboration and Communication
                        • Scalable and Flexible

                        SAP Cloud


                        The SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) is a Platform-As-A-Service model used for creation of new applications to run and expand existing SAP applications. Most of the SAP cloud services, such as SuccessFactors, use the HANA Cloud Platform to build customizations. Its key functionalities include analytics, mobile services, transactions, collaboration, security, and integration. The platform can also serve as an Enterprise Portal.


                        As an application service, SAP HANA Cloud Platform offers:

                        • Mobile
                        • Analytics
                        • Portal
                        • Collaboration
                        • Security
                        • Integration


                        As a database service, SAP HANA Cloud Platform offers:

                        • Transactions
                        • Analytics
                        • Streaming
                        • Spatial


                        What We Do

                        Wise Men’s SAP practice helps in managing services across various SAP Modules. Our strength lies in our highly experienced SAP team with deep industry proficiency, technical knowledge, and superior delivery processes and schedules.


                        • We offer a comprehensive range of custom-fit, future-proof SAP services to help organizations streamline, innovate, and grow.
                        • We specialize in providing Application Management Services based on SAP technology.
                        • As an SAP Services Partner, we are positioned to plan, implement, and maintain intricate SAP engagements – while achieving the greatest business value.
                        • We deliver enterprise solutions across various industries. Wise Men offers platforms such as HANA, SimpleFinance (S/4HANA), and Fiori to organizations across all business functions.


                        Our approach to SAP implementation is highly specialized and in-line with industry best practices. Compliance is secured in every phase of implementation or upgrade, enabling organizations to realign internal controls and mitigate critical process risks.



                        Microsoft Azure is a recognized leader in both private and public cloud. It’s an open cloud, giving users the option to choose the technology they want to work with or have already invested in. Azure provides a fully integrated set of Iaas and Paas capabilities, which complement and integrate with on-premises systems.

                        Azure offers a growing collection of integrated cloud services and functionalities – analytics, computing, database, mobile, storage, web – which seamlessly integrate with your local environment for ultimate flexibility, efficiency, and scalability.

                        As a Microsoft Partner, we have the skills and experience to help customers migrate to the cloud. Each client project leverages our expertise to maximize results of the Azure architecture.

                        • Improved business agility
                        • Better control and compliance
                        • Reduced time-to-market
                        • Optimized cost savings


                        While Azure provides the architectural cloud building blocks, Wise Men provides the integration strategy and expertise to create vertical and horizontal solutions that solve client problems and enhance operations.

                        What We Do

                        Wise Men delivers a holistic set of cloud advisory, transformational, and managed services, as well as proficiency in building innovative digital solutions on the Azure platform. We can help you get the most from Azure through our:

                        • Cloud-First Vision: We share Microsoft's cloud-first vision, and we have the expertise to architect, integrate, secure, and govern solutions based on the Microsoft cloud across multiple systems and devices.
                        • Application Modernization Specialists: Wise Men has helped our clients modernize their applications since 2000, and we combine that experience with our cloud knowledge to help you see results.
                        • Cloud-Driven Analytics Expertise: We provide cloud-scale data and analytics solutions that integrate data and business processes.
                        • Managed Service Options: Our services are flexible to meet your changing business needs. Add on options for a tailored suite of services.
                        • Leading Agile and DevOps Capabilities: We can maximize the rapid iteration characteristic of the cloud to help quickly realize value.
                        • Private, Public, and Hybrid Cloud Experience: Our specialization across cloud options enables us to provide our clients with a custom-fit solution.



                        Wise Men leverages the power of the Google Cloud platform so that our clients can spend less time managing infrastructure, provisioning servers, and configuring networks. With powerful analytics and machine learning, your company can get back to critical daily operations and doing what it does best.


                        Why Google Cloud Platform?

                        Future Proof Infrastructure

                        This solution is highly secure, high-performance, global, cost-effective, and constantly improving. The Google cloud platform is built for the long haul.


                        Server Less – Just Code

                        Grow and expand hassle-free, from prototype to production to planet-scale, without any need to worry about capacity, reliability, or performance.


                        Seriously Powerful Data and Analytics

                        Tap into big data from Google Cloud to find answers to build better products and answer your queries quicker.


                        Wise Men is a cloud, automation, and anyalytics-led digital transformation company, with clients spanning a variety of industries. We are a full scope systems integrator and cloud computing provider that builds innovative products and premier cloud advisory and consulting services. We help businesses move to cloud, build on cloud, adopt cloud. Wise Men reimagines the cloud integration for your specific workflow, including automation, machine learning, and related future-use cases.


                        Building and Scaling Apps the Google Way. We can build cloud-native applications combining Google’s wide range of IaaS and Paas offerings and a powerful set of APIs and SDKs. Wise Men helps you choose the right combination of tools and technologies to build and host innovative solutions on the Google Cloud Platform. With our expertise in diverse fields of computing such as Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, Data Store Management, DevOps Automation, and Web Development, we ensure that you get the most out of Google’s flagship cloud service platform.


                        Google Cloud Platform Service Portfolio:

                        • Application Development
                        • Cloud Migration
                        • Cloud Automation
                        • Storage Architecture and Management
                        • On-Premises-Cloud Integration
                        • 24/7 Monitoring and Maintenance


                        Seize the transformative power of cloud – with sharp focus on your business strategy, clear technical vision, and effective implementation capabilities. Wise Men and Google Cloud help close the gap between the potential of cloud and the real value it can bring to your business across Infrastructure as a Service, Analytics, Machine Learning, and SAP on Google Cloud Platform.



                        Our Salesforce experts can help you efficiently implement, integrate, and customize your Salesforce? platform to ensure that you make the most of its features and capabilities.

                        • Planning and Implementation
                        • CRM Optimization
                        • Configuration and Administration
                        • Training and User Adoption
                        • Community Cloud
                        • Re-implementation Services

                        Planning and Implementation

                        Whether you’re newly implementing Salesforce or hoping to expand its use into other parts of your business, our Saleseforce certified admins, developers, and consultants are Sales Cloud?, Service Cloud?, Community Cloud?, and development experts. We can help guide you through the initial planning phase, work through process definition, and perform the actual Salesforce implementation.


                        CRM Optimization

                        Our CRM Effectiveness Assessment takes you and your users to the next level. Our Salesforce consultants will provide a full assessment of your current usage model by executing discovery interviews with key members of your Sales, Marketing, and Management teams. The result is a complete analysis with an actionable plan that allows you to optimize Salesforce features, improve usability, and maximize underutilized tools.


                        Configuration and Administration

                        Our Salesforce consultants are certified in Salesforce implementation and administration, enabling us to help you gain maximum benefit from all standard Salesforce functionality. Moreover, thanks to our wealth of “assembly” experience, we’re also able to recommend best practices in the use of Salesforce by companies just like yours – whether this comes from standard functionality or other more advanced features, Wise Men is equipped to make informed recommendations.


                        Training and User Adoption

                        Ensuring the successful adoption of Salesforce by your team starts with effective training. From project team and administrator training to end user classes, we’ll create the enablement program that meets the specific needs of your business.


                        Community Cloud

                        Whether you want to create a place for better collaboration, or are looking for a better way to keep thousands of documents, files, and sales and marketing resources organized and accessible to partners, distributors, and employees, our extensive manufacturing knowledge, skill sets, and insight can help you design and implement a highly customized Salesforce Community Cloud.


                        Re-implementation Services

                        If you’ve been running Salesforce for several years, gone through a significant business change, added employees, or simply need to configure new/more/less customizations in your system, a re-implementation might be just what you need to get a fresh start with Salesforce.

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