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                        Wise Men Consultants has been working within the Electric, Gas, and Water Utility industry for 23 years and has extensive experience providing system architecture, system design and development, and managed services. We specialize in Grid Modernization, Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and Smart Grid, Analytics and Analytic Platforms (Back Office and Edge), Systems Integration, Production Support, ERP Systems, and Security Architecture & Integration. Our teams have also been involved in the development and deployment of some of the largest IoT systems globally. In the current changing landscape for Electric, Gas, and Water Utilities, we help our clients embrace digital transformation in their business, both from within the data center and at the edge.

                        Enterprise Architecture

                        Wise Men has extensive experience in Enterprise Architecture development for our Utility clients and has been involved in the development of Smart Grid Systems for major utilities around the world. This has led to a deep understanding of Utility back office systems and how to architect/integrate systems to solve Utilities issues from a real-world perspective. Wise Men has been integral in the development of several large utilities Smart Grid and Grid Modernization architectures, both within the back office and field components. We provide professional services to assess current issues and define future Enterprise Architecture needs.

                        Design and Development

                        We bring a core development team with over 15 years of experience working in the Utility vertical to provide design and development services. In addition to our expert team of software engineers, we have expertise in Database Design and Data Modeling. Our development services are fluent in a large collection of languages and a broad range of database technologies. We have extensive experience in both traditional software architecture as well as cloud-based solutions, including Microservice design and development, allowing us to develop best in breed solutions for our clients.

                        Project Management

                        Our knowledgeable Project Managers have worked on deployment, integration, and de-commissioning projects within the Utility industry. We have managed projects from small scale with single system integration to very large scale with high volume of systems being integrated across Engineering & Planning and Control domains within the Utility. Our Project Management teams not only know the tools and processes of project management but have considerable domain expertise within the utilities vertical.


                        The Wise Men team has extensive knowledge of and experience in building secure products and systems. We have worked in all deployment scenarios, from intranet-based software systems, to IoT devices deployed in adversarial conditions. We can provide strategic and tactical assistance in security architecture development and review, threat modeling, vulnerability analysis, key custody and management, risk analysis and risk mitigation, penetration testing, continuity and Disaster Recovery and network and IP security. Our security services help our utilities clients navigate the increasingly stringent security policies which must be adhered to in a Modernized Grid

                        Advanced Control Center (ACC) for Utility Meter/Sensor Systems

                        Smart Grid, AMI, and Sensor Systems (Streetlights, Current and Voltage, etc.) are being deployed at utilities throughout the world. Traditionally, each of these systems have implemented their own native head-end to interface with the underlying networked devices. With very little standardization in the industry, these head-end systems are typically very specific to the networks and devices utilized within the solution. These specific head-ends are then integrated to the utility back office infrastructure to provide functionality for billing, planning, grid operation, customer support, etc.

                        Simultaneously, the Utility industry is also undergoing a transformation with many mergers and acquisitions, bringing together electric utilities from disparate regions, or combining electric and gas (water) or electric, gas, and water utilities. As these new integrated utilities are combined, each utility often has their own AMI, smart grid, or sensor system. This has led to complex integration problems, where each system needs to be integrated to the utilities back office, while each smart grid or sensor system provides different interfaces and fundamentally operates differently.

                        Wise Men offers a new software application called the Advanced Control Center (ACC) which is implemented on top of any collection of head-end systems interfacing metering/sensor networks within the utility. The ACC provides the Utility a common interface, enabling simpler integration of acquired systems, with the added benefit of providing vendor independence when selecting new system devices, thus reducing operational training time and costs.

                        Existing Issues

                        • Smart Grid is rapidly expanding with Grid Modernization, integrating with DA devices, new edge intelligence, Smart Cities integration, and expanding to IoT.
                        • As more Grid Modernization infrastructures are implemented, ADMS, Planning Systems, Analytics, and Streaming Analytics will need to be integrated, which is very costly.

                        What is Advanced Control Center (ACC)?
                        ACC provides an overarching integration for electric, gas, water, sensor, edge, systems, etc. The ACC also provides a single view into the various systems, providing Utilities a unique operational view of integrated electric, gas, water, smart building, streetlight, and grid sensor systems.

                        Interfaces: ACC integrates each downstream system, for example, OpenWay Collection Engine, Sensus FlexNet headend, SSN Utility IQ, etc. These are integrated using the system’s programmatic interfaces, keeping the underlying operation isolated to that given system and will be translated into a common set of data and operational procedures.

                        MDM to HANA Platform

                        Wise Men has successfully completed the development and testing of the Itron Enterprise Edition? (IEE) Meter Data Management (MDM) solution migration to the SAP HANA? platform.

                        Itron is a leading technology company that provides solutions which measure, manage, and analyze energy and water usage. Their Meter Data Management (MDM) platform, IEE, has been running successfully on Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle Databases with more than 39 million meters in production across 6 Continents. Wise Men Consultants, Itron and SAP have worked together to bring the world’s leading MDM to the SAP HANA platform to help clients:

                        • Reduce cost of IT infrastructure by enabling a single SAP HANA platform for both Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and MDM
                        • Provide a single platform for an optimized end-to-end meter-to-cash lifecycle
                        • Provide easy access to meter data to help companies use analytics and make decisions in real time

                        We completed the entire project using our onshore and offshore teams consisting of SAP HANA experts, C# and SQL developers, Solution Architects, Business Analysts, MDM domain experts, Database experts, and Quality Assurance personnel. The Wise Men team worked for 7 months to code, validate, optimize, and migrate 7,900+ complex components to run seamlessly on the SAP HANA database. In July 2018, the solution was scale tested in COIL (Co-Innovation Lab of SAP) for 5 million meters resulting in increased performance over SQL Server and Oracle of 81%.

                        The Oil & Gas industry brings a unique and complex set of challenges for operators. As reserves retrench and product demand fluctuates, the efficiency, accuracy, and reliability of support services have become more critical than ever. With such distinctive challenges, it is always rewarding to have an experienced IT provider who knows the industry and can bring desired results aligned with the organization’s business goals.

                        Wise Men Consultants is one of the few companies to supply solutions in diversified areas of the Oil and Gas industry. Our team is uniquely positioned to provide clients with harmonized equipment and services to deliver huge benefits with regards to CAPEX, project management, and scheduling.

                        Our services span the entire industry lifecycle and focus on helping save time, effort, and money as well as increasing the hours of operation of machines and systems. From strategic consulting to support, our services are designed to help businesses stay ahead in the dynamic market.

                        Why Wise Men?

                        • Extensive experience and familiarity with industry operational processes and business needs
                        • Real-time facilities monitoring, operations management, augmented reality, and field workforce management
                        • Create value for your business and enhance efficiency and accuracy while controlling IT spend
                        • Convert massive amounts of field data and sensor information into an intelligent business platform to enhance your producing assets
                        • Maintain asset integrity in the field, while balancing scarce engineering resources
                        • Comprehensive after sales service
                        • ands-on training
                        • Innovative and reliable applications tailored to the industry
                        • Extensive research and development of enabling technologies

                        Major changes in the global economy have affected energy and utility organizations across the globe. Innovation, changing customer expectations, and increased competitive pressure are driving the change. Companies today face a variety of short and long-term challenges such as:

                        • Complying with expanding government regulation
                        • Rising operating costs
                        • Addressing an aging workforce
                        • Adoption of renewable energy technologies

                        Energy companies aim to improve expedition accuracy and efficiency, reduce drilling and manpower costs, and increase production while adhering to increasingly strict industry standards and compliance requirements. New technologies are helping to reinvent the energy and utilities industry by automating and enhancing distribution grids, improving water management, increasing security, addressing compliance requirements, and providing critical information in near real-time.

                        Our team understands the challenges of the energy and utility industry and its dynamics. Our solutions and offerings are based on years of work with leading energy and utility companies, comprised of proven methodologies, frameworks and assets to ensure successful business results.

                        We offer in-depth knowledge about your organization to help you prioritize information, clarify and weigh your options, anticipate future challenges, and make informed decisions.

                        Wise Men Consultants is focused on helping energy and utility companies to optimize their business processes and IT solutions to address operational, commercial, and energy management challenges while allowing clients to focus on gaining competitive advantage. We help implement world-class procurement processes in the energy & utilities sector, including spend analysis, procurement outsourcing, procurement technology, and strategic sourcing.
                        We provide end-to-end IT services, solutions, and consulting to the Energy and Utilities industry. Our industry experts implement cost-saving strategies across all aspects of the energy & utilities businesses in the face of tomorrow’s industry challenges. Here are the services we offer which streamline business processes and offer connectivity across the enterprise and beyond.
                        • Apply industry-specific innovations to help you manage Big Data, drive smarter analysis, and integrate mobility and social media technologies.
                        • Deliver greater efficiency, from streamlining supply chains and optimizing asset utilization to improving customer care and complying with regulations.
                        • ADMS and SCADA service
                        • Mobile workforce management solutions
                        • Project intelligence
                        • Geographic information systems
                        • Smart metering/grid and work/asset document management tool

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